Friday, September 28, 2012

Never, Never, Never Give Up! (Winston Churchill)

I could start this out as in a really happy way, but I'm not feeling too happy, and I can't fake it. So, this post is for me as well as you!!

Have you ever had one of those weeks where NOTHING went right? Well, this has been mine. I've literally wanted to crawl into the bed and not get up until next month. I know this sounds like a "Debbie Downer" but I'm being real and authentic ... and it does get better.

So, as I looked for inspiration for today's Freebie Friday, I realized that I needed to motivate myself and I, hopefully, will motivate you as well.

Because, while I did have a really bad week (fridge water hose sprayed all over the kitchen, ruining 20 tiles drying on my table (as well as the drywall behind) ... 20 tiles having to be redone ... again because the weather didn't cooperate, 20 tiles still not drying because of the weather ... yada yada yada), I can report that I can find some good in all of this.

I refuse to give up! I truly do. So, while nothing seems to have worked well, I can say that I have persisted, and I will keep persisting til I get everything worked out. So, today's Freebie Friday is a little pep talk for me, and for you if you need it!

*Personal use only, no mass production, but please feel free to direct anyone to my blog to download their own copy. Just click on the picture and then right click to save to your computer.

So, I'm gonna put "my big girl pants" on (as my daughter says) and get back on the saddle, and get those tiles done!! Whoo ... I feel better already, and am smiling again.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend mes amies, and that it is better than my last few yesterdays!

J'adore my followers!
Au Revoir,

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