Tutorials: Paper Crafting 101

I'm so excited to introduce you to Tevis. She is our resident "Crafter Extraordinaire" (I had to throw some french in there, n'est-ce pas?!). I'm turning the time over to her now:

Hi! I’m Tevis!

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, I moved to Los Angeles in 2003 as a jet-setting twenty-something. I like to think I am articulate, creative, sociable, and multi-skilled. I have traveled extensively around the United States, dabbled in Brazil and France, and have lived and worked with extremely diverse types of people.

When I was about 9-years old, most of my friends opened lemonade stands to earn an extra quarter or two. I sold handmade earrings from my front yard. I used mostly found objects, mini playing cards, small toys or trinkets, fascinating pieces taken from the inside of my father’s [old] electronics. Little did I know that that was only one of the many curves on my path as a Crafter.

I call myself an Art Education major with a background in multimedia/web sprinkled with life experience and common sense! My best creation has been my two beautifully crafted children. As I lend my nimble fingers to you with these tutorials, I am home with the boys helping me string beads, pull thread, flatten paper, or just getting sticky.

Okay, now for the drum roll please ... our first Paper Crafting 101 project, featuring something I know Coco would approve of ... black and white images!! YEAH!!

Here's what we're making this week:

Now Click HERE to go straight to the tutorial.


Bree @ Twinkle in the Eye said...

That's interesting. I wonder how well it would hold up?

Unknown said...

Actually, quite well. Tevis is a mother of boys, wore it all day, including play date, and no problems. Triple thick is an extremely heavy duty glazing product. While the bead is not heavy (it is in fact very comfortable), it does have some give, but at the same time is up to the challenge of handling life's daily tasks. You could use resin if you were really worried. However, we were wanting to share something that the beginning crafter would feel comfortable doing.